martes, 30 de diciembre de 2014

Do you even know what is it that you want the most?

Do you even know what is it that you want the most?
If you do, do you think it is really something worth fighting for? Are you doing something for getting it? Are you getting closer to accomplish it? Or are you just like me at this point in my life where I want so many things that I'm not really sure where to start and even worse, I'm not doing anything specific for getting it.
I'm not a very structured person. I don't follow an agenda or set monthly or weekly goals. I don't want my life to be so organized. I like the "surprise" effect. However, I've realized that I do need some of that, otherwise, how would I get to where I want? I make messes in my mind. Thoughts come and go through and I can't tame them. Lots of times they are never spoken and very often they are the same! 
I'm so bad at expressing my feelings. I prefer listening to other people and not saying much about myself. 
Since we are one day away from 2015, and as it is very common to have new year's resolutions. I'm doing one right now: expressing my feelings and putting my ideas together, starting by writing them down. They are not going to get stuck in my head anymore. Somebody might read it, it might be useful for other people or it may just be useful for me, which is the main reason why I'm doing it! Well, I also want to become a famous writer and I'm also starting here!

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