martes, 16 de agosto de 2011

Only time can tell

It is so hard when you want something so bad and yet, is not the right time to get it.
It is so hard to understand that things have a place, a time and a reason to happen and if you try to force them you will only ruin them.
It is so hard to go through all the obstacles, to learn all the lessons, to fall and get up one more time knowing that you have to try harder and keep fighting because the battle is not over yet. 
Sometimes we think we are ready for them, but the truth is that deep inside, if we pay careful attention to all the signs, we are just trying to rush things up, trying to convince our minds that it is the way to go.
Let life flow, take action of what you can control, give your best to accomplish what you want, and if it is the right thing for you, it will eventually happen: when the time is right, when you are mature enough to handle it, when you have learned the real value of it and when you are strong enough to keep fighting for it even though you already got it. God will put all the pieces together and finally will show you the way to go.

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